The Feb. 20 item, “Oklahoma Tornadoes Offer A Stark Reminder” advises readers that “If you are a cattle producer, being prepared [for disasters] means record keeping and animal ID.” I would add that there is more to being prepared for a disaster than being able to claim animals afterwards, and it is essential to state this in an article proffering advice.

What is of utmost importance is making every preventive effort to protect animals from being harmed or lost in the first place. It is a most basic responsibility. Although the link included with the article provides helpful information to that effect, the author was remiss to not have mentioned it straight out.
-- Mary Finelli
Silver Spring, MD

Editor responds:
Thanks for your feedback. You make a great point – if time permits, we certainly must do everything possible to move animals to a safe place. However, I live in “Tornado Alley” and can tell you from experience that oftentimes when a tornado hits, short of an underground bunker, there’s not much you can do. They come quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes, and even a small tornado can do tremendous damage.
-- Burt Rutherford