After three straight years of double-digit increases in bison meat sales, the National Bison Association (NBA) says it's poised to continue the run in both production and sales in 2008.

USDA projects 2007 data will see an 18% increase in bison meat sales. Bison meat production has nearly tripled since USDA began tracking the industry in 2000. As of Dec. 7, USDA says 47,098 bison have been processed under federal inspection, compared to 39,985 head during the comparable period in 2006.

Dave Carter, NBA executive director, says a 2008 association priority is to attract new producers. Prices paid by ranchers for breeding bison have surged by 20% over the previous year's average at the November Custer State Park Bison auction, long considered a bellwether sale for the industry. To learn more, visit