AngusSource® tagged calves, as well as other age- and source-verified calves, are the fare of a number of upcoming sales. They include:

  • Sept. 29, Fort Scott, KS Livestock Market.

  • Oct. 9 and 12, Woodward, OK Livestock Auction; Oct. 16, Staunton, VA Union Stockyards, 6 p.m. sale; Oct. 22 and 29, Pratt, KS Livestock, Inc.; Oct. 20, Fort Scott, KS Livestock Market; Oct. 26, St. Onge, SD Livestock Co.; and Oct. 29, Faith, SD Livestock Commission Co.

  • Nov. 1, Russell, KS Livestock Exchange; Nov. 5 and 12, Pratt, KS Livestock, Inc.; Nov. 10, Fort Scott, KS Livestock Market; and Nov. 13 and 16, Woodward, OK Livestock Auction.

  • Dec. 6, Russell, KS Livestock Exchange.
Participating markets are taking consignments for qualified calves. For more info, contact Ty Groshans at or 816-383-5193.
-- American Angus Association release