The volatility in all markets is creating an opportunity for agricultural producers to either make profits or put their operations in financial peril, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service specialist.

The price volatility that has arisen puts an even greater emphasis on a producer’s marketing skills, said Dr. Steve Amosson, AgriLife Extension economist.

Amosson, along with experts from across the country, will conduct the Advanced Topic Series of short courses during January and February. This is a part of AgriLife Extension’s Master Marketer Educational System, he said.

The Advanced Topic Series consists of one- and two-day short courses that combine lectures, small working groups and simulation exercises to help producers fully understand market dynamics, Amosson said.

Program presenters are Amosson; Dr. Mark Welch, AgriLife Extension economist, College Station; Dr. Art Barnaby Jr., Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.; Alan Brugler, Brugler Marketing and Management LLC, Omaha, Neb.; Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University Extension climatologist; and Darrell Holaday, private marketing and management strategist, Kansas.

“Never before has a faculty of this expertise level been assembled to teach short courses to producers in Texas,” Amosson said. “Each of the instructors for the ATS courses was selected based on their expertise and communication skills. They were given the freedom to develop their course based on what they felt producers needed to know to improve their profitability.”

The first of the five short courses will be “Developing This Year’s Marketing Plan for Feedgrains” taught by Welch and Amosson on Jan. 19-20. The objective of this two-day workshop is to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals affecting the feedgrains’ market for the upcoming year with the ultimate goal of developing a written marketing plan for the 2010 crop.

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