Farmers and ranchers are already facing tough toughs due to increased input costs, but things may get more challenging due to the effects of the national credit crisis. In fact, it may be tougher now than ever before for farmers and ranchers to get the loans they need for 2009.

“There’s fear that the national with the national financial crisis, bankers will be far more cautious when granting loans,” says Carl Anderson, an agricultural economist at Texas A&M University.

Anderson adds that lenders will want more equity and collateral before approving loans for most in the agricultural sector—crop farmers, ranchers feeding cattle, and companies that process beef, pork and chicken.

“It’s not good news,” says Anderson. “Farmers have considerable concern of how much money they’re going to be able to borrow. The bankers are becoming more conservative.”

See the Associated Press for the full report on the how the nation’s financial credit crisis will impact the agricultural sector.