“Master Cattle Transporter Guide” is a new checkoff-funded training program (DVD and print manual) that aims to minimize injury to cattle during transportation. The DVD advises on and demonstrates cattle behavior, proper loading, unloading and driving. There are also details on truck and trailer cleaning and biosecurity protocols based on USDA's Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point guidelines.

Meanwhile, the print manual fits easily inside a glove box and highlights important points covered in the DVD, such as:

  • Cattle handling guidelines, based on the “point of balance” concept.

  • Loading density diagrams for different types of trailers.

  • Hot- and cold-weather handling considerations.

  • Proper unloading of animals at their destination.

  • Checklist to assess fit cattle, as well as sick or downer cattle.

The package of DVD and print manual is $10. For more information or to order a copy, call 800-368-3138 or e-mail emailcustomerservice@beef.org.