Editorial content from the August issue of BEEF is now available online at www.beef-mag.com. Headlining the issue are the 2005 Alliance Yellow Pages listings, a special 12-page section sponsored by Merial since the inception of this BEEF magazine exclusive in 2001. The section provides all the particulars and contact info on 32 consumer-based and calf-based programs.

The section also includes a report (“From Niche To Norm,” by Clint Peck) on a University of California study that found two calf management traits that consistently received a price premium over the 1997-2003 study period. They were calves weaned for a long period before marketing and calves meeting requirements of “natural” beef programs.

Another article, “Merged, Morphed & Static,” by Wes Ishmael, examines the evolution of beef marketing alliances over the first six years of BEEF magazine's compilation and publishing of the annual Alliance Yellow Pages.