The first two weeks of July were tough ones for Canada as it recorded its sixth and seventh cases of BSE since 2003, and the third and fourth of 2006. The July 4th announcement was of a 15+-year-old crossbred beef cow from Manitoba purchased by the owner as part of an assembled group of cattle in 1992. And, on July 13, Canada announced another case, this one in a 50-month-old Alberta animal, which places the animal's birth 4Ω years after Canada instituted its mammalian feed ban in 1997.

Of the latter case, USDA Secretary Mike Johanns said: “We need a thorough understanding of all the circumstances involved in this case to assure our consumers that Canada's regulatory system is effectively providing the utmost protections to consumers and livestock. I am dispatching a USDA expert to participate in the investigation of this case, particularly as it relates to how this animal may have been exposed to BSE-infected material.”