GTO's The Mighty Mule automatic swing gate opener is an affordable way to automate field gates even if they're out of range of common power sources. The automated gate runs on a constantly recharged low-voltage battery, and operates with use of a transmitter similar to a garage-door opener. Use of a solar panel to charge the battery is also an option.

The Mighty Mule 500 series has been upgraded to include such features as push-button programming and a larger control box with room for an additional battery.
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Fly control

QuickBayt fly bait from Bayer Animal Health can kill an average housefly in 60 seconds, and works on flies resistant to older products. QuickBayt contains two powerful attractants to flies, lasts up to four weeks, and controls flies resistant to organophosphates and carbamates.

Designed for use in rural areas, QuickBayt is a ready-to-use dry scatter bait that contains 0.5% imidacloprid, an active ingredient with fast knockdown and no known resistance problems.
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Welding generator

The Bobcat 250 welding generator from Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. is designed for durability, stronger generator power, quieter operation and better welding performance. It features XENOY protective armor on the front panel, 10,000 watts of usable peak generator power and a 12-gal. fuel tank.

A case fully encloses the machine to protect it from incidental abuse and reduces noise levels and manages airflow through one exit port out the top. This prevents it from blockage when the unit is truck mounted.
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