Individual animal identification is going to be implemented. It's now more important than ever, and it will happen much sooner than was projected. The industry needs to push for and lead the way in the development of identification and verification.

Consumer confidence may hinge upon the absolute certainty of knowing where a particular animal has been and the documentation of that information.

I also favor a ban on the harvest and rendering of downer animals. The public won't stand for it. By moral and legal restraint, downer and emaciated animals should never leave the place of origin.

Why should we accept any less? Far to many operators do a very good job of husbandry to allow a few downers to cast a shadow over the entire industry.
Donald V. Cobb, DVM
Casper, WY

Thanks For The BSE Coverage

I want to compliment the staff of BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly on the excellent job you're doing. I'm a high school agriculture teacher in California's Central Valley. BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly is used by my students as a source of current events. I wish to emphasize the word “current.”

The topics on the economics of the beef business have always been on top of the issues and trends, but your coverage of BSE was great. The articles on BSE were direct and to the point without any bias.

As a teacher of high school agriculture, one of my goals is to give students an understanding and appreciation of the agriculture industry. Your publication is a great tool.
Tony Traini
Ag teacher/FFA advisor
Waterford, CA

Special BSE Issue Helped Us Out

Thanks for including the “Talking Points” feature in the special BSE issue of BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly published on Christmas Eve. Shortly after receiving the issue my father, Jim, got a phone call from our local newspaper. Having seen the information in your newsletter, I was able to print it off and give it to him so he was able to provide informed facts to our local paper.

By the way, our whole family is going out for steak dinner tonight.
Rachel Williams
Ranch House Designs/V8 Ranch
College Station, TX

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