The North Central Region Bovine Reproduction Task Force will host intensive workshops on reproductive strategies for beef cattle this fall.

“Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle” is intended for those interested in beef cattle reproduction and estrous synchronization (ES), including producers, veterinarians, AI technicians and Extension specialists. Workshops are planned Oct. 27-28 in Reno, NV; Nov. 1-2 in Lexington, KY; and Nov. 12-13 in College Station, TX. Each location also will feature a trade show.

The workshops are designed to improve understanding of the physiological processes of the estrous cycle, currently available procedures to synchronize estrus and ovulation, and the proper application of these systems. Sessions also will focus on improving understanding of methods to assess male fertility and of its effects on AI program success.

For info and links to all three meetings, visit, or contact Ron Torell on the Nevada meeting at 775/738-1721, John Hall at 540/231-9153 for the Kentucky meeting, or Gary Williams at 361/358-6390 for the Texas meeting. The North Central Region Bovine Reproduction Task Force includes members at land-grant universities in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota.