Needle-free injections

Pulse® 250 — the first needle-free injection system for beef and dairy cattle — is designed to propel a variable dose of medication directly through the skin and into the desired layer of tissue. It's designed to reduce injection site reactions and tissue damage associated with needle injections.
(Circle Reply Card No. 360)

DNA Typing

Walter & Associates LLC, Ames, IA, is marketing a full line of DNA typing services, including the USDA-developed Tendergene Test. The agreement with Frontier Beef, Louisville, OH, will continue efforts to provide selection tools for the beef industry.
(Circle Reply Card No. 361)

Sensor Adaptors

Two Universal Sensor Adaptors from Onset Computer Corp. enable HOBO Weather Station and Micro Station users to quickly supplement Onset's wide range of plug-and-play smart sensors with specialized third-party sensors. The adaptors are available in two sizes — a 12-bit, 4-20 mA adaptor and 0-5 VDC voltage.
(Circle Reply Card No. 362)


The Champion 4500 AC generator/welder by Hobart Welders is a lightweight, reliable and affordable machine for power generation and occasional welding tasks. It provides 4,500 surge watts/4,000 continuous watts of 120/240 volt A power for emergency situations. It's also designed for light welding repair work.
(Circle Reply Card No. 363)

FDA Approval Granted

Optaflexx is FDA-approved to be fed to beef cattle in combination with Rumensin and Tylan. Optaflexx, an Elanco product, is a feed ingredient that when fed during the final 28 days of finishing increases live weight gain, improves feed efficiency and improves red meat yield.
(Circle Reply Card No. 364)

BB-A Balers

New Holland's BB-A big balers offer consistent, solid bale shape that stacks well and withstands repeated handling. The New Holland SuperSweep pickup tines are closely spaced to gather more of the short, fine crops other balers may miss. A pre-compression system forms bales with the density and length the operator chooses. Six twines tie the bale together for added security. An InfoView® baler control system monitors plunger load and adjusts hydraulic pressure on top and sides of the bale to maintain density, size and weight.
(Circle Reply Card No. 365)

Updated Software

Red Wing Software's AgCHEK 2003 and Perception Accounting 2003 are updates to established software. The updates allow users to completely track their financial situation and give them access to the most complete analysis tools on the market.
(Circle Reply Card No. 366)

Ultrasound Scanners

Esaote-Pie Medical added the Tringa Linear to the Tringa family of handheld veterinary ultrasound scanners. The Tringa Linear is one of the world's smallest and lightest ultrasound systems weighing just 29 oz. It is designed for reproductive imaging in bovine, equine and farm animals.
(Circle Reply Card No. 367)

Auger Driver

Max M Series hydraulic auger drive from Belltec Industries mounts to most models of skid-steer back hoes, front-end loaders and small excavators. Features include heavy-duty hydraulic motors, planetary reduction gearbox and 2-in. hex output shaft. No snap rings to give way and allow for shaft pullout.
(Circle Reply Card No. 368)

Mid-sized Baler

The Quadrant 2100 is the newest Claas of America mid-sized square baler. It features a power feed system that smoothes out the windrow before it enters the baler chamber and evens out the crop flow. It also features the Claas® Communicator control system, which allows the operator to monitor the baler performance during field operation and adjust bale size and bale density from the tractor.
(Circle Reply Card No. 369)

Lodging-Resistant Alfalfa

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. is offering a lodging-resistant alfalfa variety — Pioneer® brand 54H11. The improved standability gives growers more time to harvest a first cutting if the fields are wet. It also allows cleaner cutting because plants are upright during harvest.
(Circle Reply Card No. 370)

Portable Oiler Stand

All models of Coburn's popular spring-mounted groomer/scratcher cattle brushes may be mounted to the Portable Oiler Stand, which can then be moved easily about the farmyard. Made of 3 in. channel iron, the stand has three legs which are 8 ft. long for stability and braced to the upright for strength. The Portable Cattle Oiler Stand is 6 ft. tall and weighs 128 lbs.
(Circle Reply Card No. 371)

Wireless Radio Modem

Onset Computer Corp. introduces a wireless radio modem for its HOBO Weather Station and Micro Station products. The modem can be used to retrieve and analyze climate data from multiple HOBO weather stations deployed up to five miles away without having to physically travel to sites for manual retrieval.
(Circle Reply Card No. 372)

Bale Wagons

Stacking bales just got easier with New Holland's automatic bale wagons. The line feature two self-propelled models — the BW28, which has a long frame and low rack for easy loading, and BW38, which is designed for three-bale-wide stacks. Machine functions are controlled from the cab. A Stack Command control system provides up to 35 pre-programmed stack patterns as well as room for 20 custom patterns.
(Circle Reply Card No. 373)

Tire Pressure Monitor

PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System by Advantage PressurePro LLC provides greater safety, increased fuel efficiency and longer tire life. Small sensors screw onto the tires' valve stems. The monitor plugs into the power accessory in the vehicle. The monitor displays current tire pressures and alerts when tire pressures fall by 10% and again at 20%. System reads from 1 to 34 tire positions and tires with pressures up to 150 psi.
(Circle Reply Card No. 374)