Cow fly collar

Cow Fly Collar is the latest addition to R&R Enterprises' “Defy the Fly” line of EPA-compliant, all-natural, insect-repelling products. The 2 3/8-in.-wide collar contains geraniol, citronella and cedar oil and offers two-month, head-and-neck area insect protection. It features a five-pair snap adjustment for a proper, secure fit, and flexible neck sizing of 32 to 40 in.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Energy-Free Waterer

SPI Industries Inc. announces its 352NG Energy-Free Waterer. The polyethylene waterer has a larger drain plug, molded feet, quick-release D-clips, one-piece lid for air loss prevention, water seal and foam rubber gasket. The waterer requires no tools, has easy valve access and is corrosion free. The 23- × 20- × 40-in. waterer offers up to 50% more useable water capacity, while a peaked roof and raised door ribs prevent entry of contaminants and facilitates water run-off.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)

Identification Tags

Volk Enterprises announces its easy visual identification (ID) system for dairy and beef cattle. Color-coded ID Links clip onto ear tags to identify cows by whatever distinction. Use the tags to separate herds, designate hospital cows or tag cows needing injections or other treatments. Several ID Links fit on ear tags. Offered in seven colors, the tags come in bags of 500 units/color.
(Circle Reply Card No. 111)

Extermination System

Humanely and cost-effectively eliminate burrowing rodents and mammals with the Safekrush concussion extermination system. The easy-to-use apparatus introduces mixed gases into runs, tunnels and dens under pressure. A safe remote control ignites the gases to create a massive concussion. At under 35¢ in material costs/treatment, it instantly exterminates all underground animals underground in that system.
(Circle Reply Card No. 117)

Livestock Ring Scale

The Survivor® LV series livestock ring scale from Rice Lake Weighing Systems delivers a total system for livestock barns and processing plants. The custom-built scales includes the G-Force mounting system to eliminate excess movement and scale wear. An extra-thick concrete deck guarantees superior accuracy and longevity. Backed by a 5-year guarantee, the scale is available in capacities up to 70,000 lbs. and platforms up to 34.2- × 22.8-ft. A digital weight indicator locks in stable readings. Remote displays, printers, additional racks and gates also are available.
(Circle Reply Card No. 109)

Hay-Feed Mixer

Roto-Mix offers a new line of Hay-Pro mixers. The aggressive, fast-processing mixer handles beef or dairy rations with high percentages of hay and other roughages. The mixer comes in truck or trailer models in 533, 653 and 1,023 cu. ft. sizes. Stationary models are coming.
(Circle Reply Card No. 112)

Cost Management Software

The Cattleman's Calculator livestock cost projection software from Cattleman's Calculator Inc. is now useable on Palm Pilot handheld computing devices. Make off-site cost calculations and integrate projections with computer and financial records with seven program modules applicable to feedlots, grazing, feed costs, cow-calf operations and purchase price. The software includes printing software and is compatible with any Palm, Handspring or Sony handheld device with the Palm Pilot Operating System Version 3.3 or higher.
(Circle Reply Card No. 110)

ProTwin® Slinger®

Kuhn Knight Inc. introduces its new 8100 series ProTwin® Slingers® with standard Bedder Spreader to control the spread pattern near fencelines, contour strips, roadways and on windy days. Through-hardened universal hammers improve the spread pattern and hammer wear characteristics by as much as 30%. Heavier flighting and hoppers on the two midsize units offer more durability and longer life. Choose from five models from 1,240-gal. to 4,000-gal. capacities.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Controlled Release Implants

Ivy Animal Health and VetLife's Encore® Controlled Release Implants help increase the rate of weight gain in suckling and pastured growing steers. The implants also improve feed efficiency and rate of gain in confined steers and heifers. Each implant contains 43.9 mg of estradiol and delivers an effective daily dose for up to 400 days.
(Circle Reply Card No. 113)

Two-Punch Inoculant

Lower dry matter losses and enhanced animal performance are Pioneer Hi-Bred International's claims on its 11C33 inoculant. The unique blend of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus buchneri strains provides higher quality forage with longer storage and bunk life by improving the lactic acid to acetic acid ratio. This reduces growth of harmful yeast and mold species to improve aerobic stability and keep silage fresher and cooler.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

A 500-HP Tractor

New Holland's TJ500 offers 500 hp of power to easily handle today's bigger jobs and implements. Based on the same frame and components as the TJ450, the TJ500 operates at 100 rpms faster than the TJ450. It has a larger air induction system, uses larger tires, has improved hydraulics and uses a 24-volt starting system with a 12-volt operating system. The TJ500 is powered by a fuel-efficient Cummins QSX 15L engine and has a 16-speed full powershift transmission.
(Circle Reply Card No. 118)