BVD vaccine

Master Guard® 10 + Vibrio offers the broadest defense available against Type 1 and Type 2 bovine viral diarrhea (BVD). The Intervet, Inc. product streamlines vaccination programs to deliver the broadest reproductive disease protection in healthy beef and dairy cattle, including pregnant cows and heifers.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Smart Scale

Weigh-Tronix Inc. offers the 1040/1040XL indicator series scale with large, backlit displays and 1.1- or 2-in. digits for easier viewing. The scale includes an alphanumeric keypad, automatic ration adjustment feature and LED alarm light indicating when the target load or unload weight has been reached.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Data Management

Global Animal Management Inc., a Schering-Plough Animal Health subsidiary, introduces MetrixPro family data management services for the food animal industry. The Windows-based software include MetrixPro BeefMetrix DE/ME and MetrixPro ChutePlus DE. The first allows producers to register and track health events of cattle, while the latter is designed for flexible collecting of cattle processing records at the ranch or feedlot. Meanwhile, the MetrixPro GAM Portal is a Web-based application platform that provides secure warehousing, analysis and reporting of relevant business data.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

DuraBull Rake Wheel

Vermeer's DuraBull rake wheel can significantly improve wheel rake performance, reliability and reduce maintenance. The heavy-guage, camber-style twin raking teeth run cleaner and more consistently on rough surfaces and in heavier crops. The design reduces wheels' wear, stress and potential for bending or breakage.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Solar Gate Operator

Court Security Systems says its solar-powered, swing gate operator offers convenient access to stockyards, pastures and driveway entrances. With full sunlight, the gate operator allows 190 opening and closing cycles/day. Even in the poorest weather conditions, the operator allows 18 cycles/day for nearly two weeks. With a permanently lubricated continuous duty gear motor, the operator can handle gates up to 13 ft. wide and 300 lbs.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

SubQ-Only Approval

Novartis Animal Vaccines, Inc. announces USDA approval for subQ-only (subcutaneous) administration of several of its Vira Shield® products. The label change, which minimizes chances of injection-site damage to the animal, covers the products Vira Shield 5, Vira Shield 5+L5, Vira Shield 4, Vira Shield 4+L5, Vira Shield 3, Vira Shield 2+BRSV and Syn Shield.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Novartis Web Site

The Novartis Animal Vaccines, Inc. Web site is designed to help producers and veterinarians easily navigate a variety of animal health problems and solutions. Organized by species, the site features product, disease and health program information for beef, dairy and swine.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Box Spreader

Kuhn Knight's Model 1150 box spreader has a 500 heaped-cu.-ft. capacity and features hydraulic drive, dual apron and two, 20-in.-diameter, heavy-duty, rooster-comb beaters with replaceable beater paddles. Five models are available, ranging from 300- to 700-heaped cu. ft.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)