Intervet Inc. adds a new Lepto hardjo label claim specific to the Vista 5 L5 SQ, L5 SQ and VL5 SQ products. These products are now labeled as an aid in prevention of urinary shedding of Leptospira hardjo organisms and aid in the prevention of leptospirosis caused by L. hardjo. Because leptospirosis is primarily transmitted via the urine of an infected animal, preventing urinary shedding is important. The vaccine demonstrated 100% protection from urine shedding of hardjo-bovis following a virulent challenge.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Hot-water pressure washers

Hotsy's 900 Series hot-water pressure washers feature a new chassis design heavier than the previous model, and made of rugged steel with an epoxy powder-coat finish for weather resistance. The 900 Series units are powered by electric 1,725 rpm motors that produce 2,000 psi of water pressure and 3.9-gpm flow volume.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Special application tractors

Challenger, from Agco, introduces new MT800B Series tractor line models. The Special Application models feature upgraded engines and higher horsepower. All units use the Caterpillar® ACERT Technology engines — the MT835B, MT845B and MT855B models use 928-cu.-in. Cat C15 ACERT technology to achieve 350, 400 and 460 hp, respectively. The two largest series models use the 1,105-cu.-in. Cat C18 ACERT diesel engine that cranks 510 hp in the MT865B and 570 hp in the MT875. The tractors can pull disks, rippers, water tanks, rollers and other implements at high transport speeds, and use foot-pedal, hydraulic trailer brakes for stopping with massive loads.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Auger mixers

Two Botec 4-auger mixers from Kuhn Knight — models 4136 and 4142 — are 360 and 420 cu. ft., respectively. Improvements made to the drive system, undercarriage, box construction and weigh bar system improve serviceability and reliability. Botec 4-auger mixer sizes range from 360 to 900 cu. ft.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Herbicide fights invasive species

Milestone herbicide by Dow AgroSciences provides a new option for fighting such invasive weeds as spotted knapweed, Canada and musk thistle, yellow starthistle, and tropical soda apple, and other broadleaf weeds. Milestone is a non-volatile, non-2,4-D formulation providing excellent control at low use rates — 4-7 oz./acre — during field trials. Applied by ground or air, it provides excellent post-emergence control and season-long residual activity to help prevent the reestablishment of seeds commonly found among invasive species. Milestone is safe to desirable grasses, and carries no livestock grazing restrictions.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Utility vehicles

John Deere's 2006 Gator High-Performance Series Utility Vehicles have been upgraded, offering more traction and control for better off-road capabilities. Lap and shoulder belt offers more operator comfort and protection, while an optional heavy-duty front-end suspension kit is available for full-cab machines and/or front blade use.

The Gator Compact Series also includes several new features — triple-rate spring-over-shock front and rear suspension, added insulation in the frame to reduce vehicle sound levels, new seat base, and knobby tires available on the Gator CX to improve traction.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

High-speed Internet

Agristar Global Networks, a broadband company, increased the speed of its ultra high-speed Internet connectivity with the DW7000 satellite modem. The fastest satellite connection speed ever available for rural Internet users, downloading speeds are up to 100 times, and upload speeds 50 times, faster than typical rural dial-up connections. The modem also delivers 300% more processing power than previous models to significantly improve page-loading time.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)