Fall control measures can help producers get the drop on tough perennial weeds like Canada thistle, leafy spurge and field bindweed. Leon Wrage, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension weed specialist, says some leafy spurge is turning yellow and Canada thistle is starting to bud. Those signs signal producers to take action.

Wrage suggests producers check the condition of the weeds before spraying, as the most effective control occurs when the weeds show active regrowth. The best control opportunities are found in areas that were mowed or grazed earlier, or in patches that were tilled.

To access the fact sheet, go to http://agbiopubs.sdstate.edu/process.cfm? keywords=weed&subject=Weed Control and click on “Noxious Weed Control: 2003.” It's the ninth item in the menu. For even more information, go to www.beefcowcalf.com and enter “Weed Control” into the “Search Titles” box on the opening page.”