Black & Decker offers a few gift ideas to make life and work easier in your car, truck or SUV.

  • Black & Decker's 100- to 1,000-watt power inverters (left) convert a car's 12-volt DC power into 115-volt, AC household power.

  • The Electromate 400 — a cordless, portable AC/DC power supply — offers 450 amps of starting power for your vehicle. It can be used to plug in laptops, video game consoles, TV/DVD or small household appliances. The Electromate also includes a built-in inflator for inflating vehicle tires and sports equipment.

  • The V-3 Million PowerSeries Spotlight (right) is a valuable tool during power failures or as a long-lasting worklight. It's cordless and rechargeable, offering either single or twin beams of light.
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Horse maintenance

CattleCo-Equine Division's V.M.F.+Hay Equine Supplement allows horse owners to provide vitamin and mineral requirements for maintenance to light to moderately worked horses without the expense of grain rations. V.M.F+Hay uses vitamins, minerals and fats to balance a legume, mixed grass and grass hay diet. It's a good way to increase calories in the horse's diet, while stabilizing blood sugar surges caused by a high-starch diet.
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Mobile ID tag readers

DAP Technologies and I.D.ology are partnering to make it easy to read ID tags in the field. DAP manufactures MICROFLEX 2240, mobile computing systems, which now works in conjunction with I.D.ology's LightningROD wireless reader. When using the technology, users imput the data about the tagged animal into the MICROFLEX hand-held unit. Each RFID tag is scanned with the LightningROD reader. Reader vibration signals a successful reading. It will read all ISO-compliant RFID tags.
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Controlled-release syringe

A controlled-release syringe — from NJ Phillips Pty Ltd., in partnership with Elanco Animal Health — is designed for use with injectable animal-health products. The Trigger-Lock Syringe is designed to enable veterinarians and producers to more accurately deliver vaccines and injectable antibiotics, and reduce the likelihood of unplanned injections.

The Trigger-Lock Syringe mechanism prevents movement of the plunger until it's manually released. The syringe is connected to the bottle using clear, plastic tubing, and the injection volume can be set in 0.5-mL increments from 0.5 mL to 5 mL.
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Inoculate application

Silage producers can save chopper time and wear with Pioneer's Appli-Pro Super Low Volume (SLV) inoculate application. Highly concentrated SLV comes in 2.5-liter bottles and eliminates need for a water tank. The operator just adds water to the bottle, shakes it and screws the bottle onto the applicator, through which compressed air delivers a 10-mL/ton application rate. Regular tap water can be used to fill the bottles since the inoculate contains a dechlorinator to kill the bacteria. Each applicator holds two bottles, each treating 250 tons of silage.
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Security system

Motorola's homesight Solution is a do-it-yourself security system. Designed to keep livestock in and intruders out, homesight consists of cameras, sensors and software controlled from a desktop computer. While away, you can receive customized updates on a mobile phone or e-mail account. Cameras monitor any area you wish, while temp and water sensors monitor equipment malfunction or changes in livestock water or feed levels, building temps, etc. Meanwhile, window and door sensors provide notification and security, and power controllers can turn lights on before you arrive to the site.
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Livestock waterers

SPI adds two waterers to its Value Series — the VS20 and VS20E. The waterers feature double-walled, molded polyethelene; large, easy to remove drain plugs; quick-release d-clips and snap rings; foam rubber gasket seals; and a stainless steel hatch cover and access door. A 250-watt submersible heater is optional.
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2006 calendar

The 2006 Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar featuring ranch scenes and portraits of prominent Longhorns is available for Christmas. It features 18 photos selected from breeding programs in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, California, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Utah, Oklahoma and China.
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Remote shut-off device

Fox Paws from Red Fox Enterprises is a small, wireless safety device worn on the belt or badge clip. It's designed to shut off machinery in event of an accident. It includes Fox Tracker — a wireless GPS unit using satellite signal — to shut the machinery down and alert the call center to a problem at that location. It's adaptable to almost any machinery — whether powered by electricity or fossil fuel. Up to four transmitters are available with each unit.
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