While the initials “ICBM” typically are associated with intercontinental ballistic missiles, the Intervet version to debut March 1 is a lot less ominous.

In Intervet's case, ICBM stands for Intervet Cattle Business Messaging, a new and free market service the animal-health firm is offering customers and non-customers alike.

ICBM provides regular cattle-market reports by text message to a subscriber's cell phone. Reports are sent each weekday on the market open, mid-day market and close, as well as periodic action reports and “highly relevant” news. No “spam” or other merchandising and marketing information will be allowed.

Jim Miles, Intervet marketing manager for beef cattle performance technology products, says the service will initially be available to any producer at a rate of 30¢/day but later restricted to Intervet customers.

“How many times have you been in meetings or situations where you or another cattle feeder or seller had to duck out to check on the market? Miles asks. “This service will bring that information to you.”

The service will be activated March 1 for subscribing cattle producers with cell phones that includes text-messaging features. Professional Cattle Consultants, a data management firm in Weatherford, OK, will provide the content.

More on Intervet's ICBM program is available from local Intervet sales representatives, by calling 1-800/441-8272, or visit www.revalor.com.