Crystalyx® introduces two new low-moisture block supplements for fly control. Rolyx Max and Rolyx Pro contain the organophosphate Rabon, a feed-through insecticide. The insecticide passes through the animal's digestive system and into manure, where it kills larvae before they reach the fly stage. Rolyx Max is ideal when vitamins and minerals are needed to supplement forage. Rolyx Pro is ideal for meeting protein needs and helping supplement overall nutritional requirements. Both products are self-feeding blocks of highly palatable molasses and are compatible with feeding programs in confined lots or pasture conditions.
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Ultra Fly control

Bayer's CyLence® Ultra insecticide eartag features unprecedented chemistry. Ultra's combination of 8% beta-cyfluthrin and 20% piperonyl butoxide, a synergist that increases the power of the insecticide, delivers season-long fly control. In field tests, the product delivered 100% control of face flies on days 1 and 7, post-treatment; and 82% control over the remaining 13-week test period.
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New-Sized Annihilator

Boehringer Ingelheim's Annihilator insecticide premise stray is now available in 32-oz. as well as 1-gal. containers. Applied as a premise spray, Annihilator controls insects in and around livestock facilities, outbuildings and the home. The product is odorless and doesn't stain most fabrics and surfaces.
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Gate System

The Ramrod BumpGate is a new, vehicle-actuated ranch gate. It is operated by gently bumping an A-shaped bumper bar that releases and opens the gate automatically. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, the gate requires no electricity. Standard size is 5 ft. by 14 ft.
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