You guys deserve lots of accolades for being willing to tell the truth about ethanol (“Bursting The Ethanol Bubble,” August BEEF, page 30). With its price fixing, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has proved that it doesn't care about agriculture. The firm has sold the nation a bill of goods on ethanol and it damages production agriculture. Ethanol is a net energy loss and, as taxpayers, we should stand together to stop ADM's rape of the American public.
Jay O'Brien Amarillo, TX

What About Self Treatment?

Once again, you published an article on fly control (“Reversing Horn Fly Resistance,” July, page 14) and failed even to mention self-treatment systems or cattle oilers as another method of fly control.

And, your source's suggestion of “using pour-on parasite control at turnout in mid-summer, combined with ear tags” doesn't make practical sense. Most of us don't turn out in mid-summer. We turn out in the spring. Since pour-ons and ear tags lose their effectiveness about the same time, a combined spring treatment loses potency before peak fly season in mid-summer.

Personally, I find a spring pour-on combined with summer-long, self-treatment using mineral feeders and scratchers and an alternative insecticide is effective, more timely and cost efficient. It also saves the labor, cattle wear and tear and added expense of a mid-summer gather and pour-on treatment.

In the future, I think it would be a good service to mention all forms of fly control.
Warren H. Gfeller Russell, KS

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