Looking for more information on electronic identification (ID) of livestock? Check out “A Guide For Electronic Identification of Cattle,” a 24-page bulletin that provides an extensive discussion of the components of implementing a radio-frequency (RF) technology system and applying it in a national ID program for the U.S. beef industry.

The bulletin permits readers to better understand the key components of an electronic ID system and evaluate the components that best fit their operation. Produced by Kansas State University faculty Dale Blasi, Mark Spire, Kevin Dhuyvetter, Marcus Epp and Brian Barnhardt, it covers the importance of individual ID, why visual ID isn't sufficient, the advantages of RFID and how the technology works, components and economics of an electronic ID system, and includes a comprehensive glossary of electronic ID terms.

The bulletin can be ordered for $10, which includes shipping, from Los Schreiner at 785-532-1267 or by e-mail at lschrein@oznet.ksu.edu. Volume discounts are available.