An animal health company and a beef-industry data-management firm are collaborating to provide the U.S. cattle-feeding industry with enhanced business solutions.

Involved are Millsboro, DE-based Intervet Inc., and Professional Cattle Consultants (PCC) of Weatherford, OK. PCC is an independent consulting firm offering customized production, procurement and marketing data for commercial cattle feeders. The collaboration, the two firms say, will allow Intervet customers to receive “exclusive, non-bias information on their feedyards, making it possible to identify, segment and improve specific areas within their operation.”

Jim Miles, Intervet marketing manager for beef cattle performance technology products, says cattle feeders are “increasingly pressed with the demands to adhere to diligent animal-health and business management practices in order to maintain a level of productivity and profitability in this rapidly-changing business.”

He says the Intervet-PCC partnership will provide Intervet customers access to PCC's database of more than 130 million head of finished cattle. By submitting their data to the third-party PCC, Miles says participants will be able to compare how their operation measures up to similar feedyards in closeouts, seasonal trends, historical performance and other relevant data.

Tom Tippens, PCC president, says the PCC client list represents a total current capacity of more than two million head in 68 contributing feedyards.

“PCC has a 30-year track record built on managing accurate, meaningful and helpful performance benchmarks to cattle feeders all over the world to help them track their progress and future,” Tippens says.

Among the attributes of the collaboration cited by the principals are:

  • Compilation, management and reporting of data by a third-party, unbiased supplier — PCC.

  • Participants receive a confidential report viewed only by the subscribing client, unless a release by the client is granted.

  • Reports on all closeouts.

  • Exclusive annual surveys on feed markup and salary, and feedyard operational costs.

  • Use of Intervet's exclusive Cattle Performance Ratio, which compares and ranks actual performance to theoretical performance for a client feedyard's cattle population by lot number. The information is provided monthly on a spreadsheet.

“We want to provide the type of information the average producer can use in a form that doesn't require an outside person to come in and explain it,” Tippens says.

Under the program, Miles says Intervet will qualify feedyards for the program and pay the PCC subscription cost. The offer is also open to non-Intervet customers on a temporary basis.

“Intervet won't be involved with the data collection, transfer or reporting,” Miles says, “but if a participant wants assistance from Intervet representatives, our people will help on request.”

For more on PCC, call 580/772-1987, e-mail or visit To learn if your cattle-feeding operation qualifies, call your local Intervet sales representative or 1-800/441-8272 for the nearest professional.