The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) Policy Division Board of Directors has approved a directive to formally endorse the re-election of President George W. Bush. The historic directive made during the Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, CO, instructs the NCBA political action committee to financially support Bush because of his fundamental support of the cattle industry. Key issues include:

  • Animal Health — Bush is committed to working with producers on efforts to ensure the health of the U.S cattle herd, especially in policies related to BSE.

  • Environment — Bush has worked to insert reason and science into the debate on environmental policy while protecting the rights of private property owners through government/industry partnerships.

  • Federal Lands — Bush believes in the principles of multiple-use of federal lands, and that resource development and environmental protection can exist simultaneously.

  • Trade — Bush supports a trade agenda that will increase global market opportunities for U.S. beef. He's taken a firm stand against protectionism and isolationism.

  • Tax Issues — Bush has already supported tax incentives for small businesses, farmers and ranchers — offering more than $4 billion in benefits to U.S. producers in the first year. He supports permanent repeal of the Death Tax.