On behalf of the National Integrated Resource Management Coordinating Committee (NIRMCC) and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), I would like to extend a warm welcome to new readers of IRM News. We are excited about the distribution of our newsletter through BEEF magazine. Our circulation will increase five-fold, and the expenses associated with the newsletter will drop substantially. Our subcommittee retains full editorial control of the contents.

Those of you who have been receiving the newsletter in the past will notice several new aspects concerning IRM News. One of those is our new editor, Polly Grant. Polly is a student in Colorado State University's Beef Industry Leadership program and has a strong background in writing and publishing. We welcome her enthusiasm and expertise!

The second major change is the addition of Dr. Harlan Richie and Dr. Harlan Hughes as columnists. We are privileged to have two individuals of their caliber contribute to our newsletter. They've committed to sharing their expertise, wisdom and unique perspectives about our industry for the next four issues of IRM News.

What is Integrated Resource Management? IRM is a process to help cattlemen make good decisions about their business. IRM activity has taken many forms over the years. Management tools developed and distributed, demonstrations conducted and workshops held are all part of the IRM effort. IRM concepts apply to producers of all types, including all sizes of operations, geographical areas and breeds of cattle. The only requirement for participation is a "can do" attitude.

Is there an active IRM program in your state or area? We'll be highlighting activity from across the nation each month. If you don't notice program news from your area, call the Cooperative Extension Service office in your county or state and ask for a contact person in your area. Or, call NCBA's Denver office at (303) 694-0305 for more information.

Remember, IRM is about you, your operation and your community. So please be willing to take the bull by the horns and be the local catalyst for IRM activity in your area.

Over the years, those who care about your success have joined together under the loose-knit umbrella called the National Integrated Resource Management Coordinating Committee. They include producers, extension personnel, industry representatives, the veterinary profession, associations, researchers and private groups and foundations. The NIRMCC works with producers, provides overall coordination of projects, and shares successes from one region with others. IRM News is a vehicle for communication about IRM and its activity.

NCBA sponsors two annual, national meetings of people interested in IRM as part of the annual and mid-year meetings. NCBA has been a tremendous facilitator and supporter of IRM for almost 10 years, providing invaluable staff support, program coordination and financing. Dr. Larry Corah, the NCBA staff person working to promote and build our program, would like to hear your questions, concerns and especially your ideas. Call him at (785) 539-0123.

Again, welcome to our program! We look forward to serving you!

Barry H. Dunn, chairman of the NCBA Subcommittee on IRM/Production Efficiency, received his MS in Animal Science from South Dakota State University. He conducted beef cattle research at North Dakota State University, and then spent 17 years operating his family's cattle ranch near Mission, SD. Barry and his family live on a cattle ranch near Brookings, SD where he recently accepted a position with the cooperative extension service at SDSU in beef cattle extension.