“Virginia's Cattle Story: The First Four Centuries” chronicles the footprints and contributions of cattle in Virginia, from early Jamestown to today. Commissioned by the Virginia Cattlemen's Foundation and the Dairy Foundation of Virginia, the 350-page, full-color, coffee table-style book is available for $50, with proceeds going to agricultural scholarships for Virginia youth. To order, call the Virginia Cattleman's Association at 540/992-1009, or go to: www.vacattlemen.org/Foundation/OrderForm.pdf.

“RFID: Applications, Security and Privacy,” answers many questions from how RFID works to privacy concerns associated with its use. BEEF senior editor Clint Peck contributed to the book by writing chapter 15 “Tracking Livestock with RFID.”

This indispensable primer for anyone involved or interested in RFID is available July 8 for $49.49 from Addison-Wesley Professional. Visit www.awprofessional.com, or call 515/284-6761 to learn more or to order.