Expanded dose range

Rumensin®, an ionophore used as a feed additive to improve feed efficiency and for coccidiosis control in feedlot cattle, has received expanded dosage approval from FDA. The approval increases the upper end of the dose range to 40 gm/ton on a 90% dry matter basis. Thus, the maximum dose increases to 480 mg/head/day for feed efficiency, and prevention and control of coccidiosis in feedlot cattle.
(Circle Reply Card No. 112)

Additional BRD claim

Nuflor antibiotic's label claim has been upgraded by FDA from “inhibiting” to “bactericide” against two major bacteria strains that cause bovine respiratory disease — Mannheimia haemolytica and Histophilus somni. Testing demonstrated that 99.9% of the bacteria were killed in 24 hours. After injection, Nuflor continues to kill bacteria for a total of 68 hours. It also inhibits a third bacteria, Pasteurella multocida, for 67 hours.
(Circle Reply Card No. 113)

FDA approval for Revalor

Revalor®-XS has FDA approval as the first combination, delayed-release implant for steers fed in confinement. Revalor-XS delivers re-implant performance in one application through the proven Revalor performance technology of trenbolone acetate and estradiol. The “one-touch” application of Revalor-XS saves time and labor, and reduces animal stress by eliminating the need for a second implant in steer-feeding programs. The product will be available later this year.
(Circle Reply Card No. 114)

New vaccine labeling

MVP Laboratories, Inc. is providing color-coded labels for bovine herd-specific vaccines known as Tailor-Made. New labeling is designed to aid veterinarians and producers in product identification.
(Circle Reply Card No. 115)

High-sugar forage grass

Grassland Oregon introduces SucraSEED®, a new line of high-sugar grass seed products designed to provide a number of grazing benefits. The grass's higher levels of water-soluble carbohydrates increase milk yield, live weight gains and dry-matter intakes in grazing animals. By providing extra energy to rumen microbes, the sugars allow greater protein digestion, which results in greater milk and meat conversion and less nitrogen excretion.
(Circle Reply Card No. 116)

Stopping rocks

CLAAS forage harvesters' Stop Rock mechanism keeps large rocks from entering and damaging machine feeding systems. Stop Rocks fits all CLAAS forage harvesters, and uses an electronically monitored spring-mass system and sensor to allow the driver to identify the rock size and set the sensitivity from inside the cab. If a rock is detected above the set limit, the roller raises abruptly, intake stops immediately and the rock can be removed from the swath before continuing.
(Circle Reply Card No. 117)

Weed control

BASF's Prowl® H20 herbicide has received Environmental Protection Agency approval for use in all alfalfa crops. The water-based formulation maximizes its availability for residual weed control through surface stability and reduced binding to field residue, leaving more active ingredient available for weed control. Alfalfa is the latest addition to the list of more than 90 crops for which Prowl H20 is already registered.
(Circle Reply Card No. 118)