Where's the beef?” was Clara Peller's lament in a popular fast-food commercial of a couple of decades ago. Stouffer's Lean Cuisine® Skillet Sensations Beef Teriyaki & Rice had the BEEF Taste Test panel asking the same question.

Make no mistake about it, Stouffer's Beef Teriyaki & Rice gets high marks across the board for a convenience beef product. Its packaging is attractive and thorough, the product is convenient and it's tasty. In fact, panelists rated the 24-oz., two-serving package that retails for $4.89 an overall score of 8.67 (10-point scale).

“Yum! This is tasty!” said one panelist. “I just wish there was more beef in it.” Another echoed that sentiment with “Good flavor, but not much beef in it.”

Teriyaki & Rice carries the Beef Brand Mark. It's one of a line of all-in-one, frozen meals that can be prepared in 15 minutes in a skillet or microwave oven. The Lean Cuisine® line offers “lighter side” home style meals at lower fat and calorie levels.

The product drew its highest marks in the packaging and convenience categories. Panelists lauded the attractiveness of the package design, quality of the artwork and graphics, and the completeness of nutrition information.

The package carries an 800 number for questions or feedback, as well as a Web site address for more information on the Nestle line. In addition, information on diet exchanges and Weight Watchers is offered.

The product's lowest scores were in the sensory factors of flavor and visual presentation. Both rated a 4 (5-point scale).

In visual presentation, one panelist thought the consistency was “soupy.” In regard to flavor, another thought the product had too much of a “citrus or orange” taste, while another thought the pineapple presence was a bit strong in the product. Pineapple and pineapple concentrate are both listed on the package's ingredient list.

All in all, it appears that Stouffer's has a good product here. “Great national advertising support will make this product a real winner,” summarized one panelist. All panelists were in agreement, as long as Stouffer's adds more beef to the package.