Looking for a beef counterpart to chicken breasts? No Name Steaks[R] Quick & Tender USDA Choice Boneless Beef Filets is a top contender.

This month, the BEEF Taste Test panel put the product from No Name Marketing LLC, St. Michael, MN (888/387-1152) to the plate and palate test. It was a winner, garnering an 8.2 overall rating on a 10-point scale, one of the best performances thus far.

The marinated, individually wrapped and frozen, 3-oz. filets come packaged in a 30-oz., resealable bag that sells for $10.99. Panelists lauded the product's convenience and taste. It takes just minutes to grill, stir-fry or cook one 3-oz. filet on the stovetop.

The product's lowest scores came in packaging, where some panelists felt the plastic bag wasn't representative of such a quality product.

The product earned overall scores of 4.5 (5-point scale) for the completeness of its preparation instructions and nutrition information. (The packaging provides guidance on cold water defrosting of the product as well as detailed preparation instructions for stovetop, charcoal grills, gas grills, broiling and stir fry. Safe handling instructions are prominently featured as well.)

In the convenience categories, ease of preparation garnered an average score of 4.8, while preparation time and adequate serving size rated 4.3 each.

In the sensory factors categories, the boneless beef fillets rated a 4 in visual presentation, a 4.4 in flavor, a 4 in tenderness, a 4.2 in texture and a 4 in juiciness.

"Excellent," "convenient to serve," "great to eat" and "very flavorful" were among the comments on this consensus favorite. The product is available in the frozen beef sections of grocery stores throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin and in selected locations in Colorado, Washington and Illinois.