Stouffer's Yankee Pot Roast is a hearty two-serving, easy-to-fix, complete entrée that was a real hit with the BEEF Taste Test panel. One in a line of Stouffer's Oven Sensations® products, Yankee Pot Roast garnered an overall score of 8.9 (10-point scale). That makes it the second highest rated product thus far in our ongoing series of taste tests.

That 8.9 score fell just short of dethroning the BEEF Taste Test series reigning champion Bubba Burger with Vidalia® Onion. The Bubba Burger merited a 9 in our May issue (page 32).

The Stouffer's trademarked slogan is “Nothing comes closer to home.” According to the panelists, the Yankee Pot Roast product certainly lives up to that billing.

“This is a complete dinner. All you need to bring is the beverage,” said one panelist. Another added, “It tastes like it came from my crock pot.” Still another said. “This is the closest thing to a home-cooked meal that a bachelor can prepare himself.”

Stouffer's Yankee Pot Roast is a frozen, 24-oz. package that sells for $4.75. The product drew high scores across all BEEF Taste Test categories packaging, convenience and sensory factors.

Panelists particularly lauded the product packaging for its attractiveness and the completeness of preparation instruction and nutrition information. The packaging, which bears the Beef Brand Commission seal of approval, featured preparation instructions for not only a conventional oven and microwave but the Advantium Speed Oven, as well.

In the convenience categories, panelists ranked it high in ease of preparation (4.4 on a 5-point scale) and preparation time (4.4). Serving size merited a 4.9.

In the all-important sensory factors, the Yankee Pot Roast rated highest in flavor (4.6), tenderness (4.5) and juiciness (4.4). Visual presentation rated a 4.

Two panelists found some inconsistency in the eating quality of the chunks of beef in their portions, citing some “chewiness.” Another panelist disliked the “oniony” flavor of the product, but still lauded the “good value” and simplicity of preparation.

Overall, the all-in-one package entrée and its ease of preparation was a hit across the board. “It would be a great, quick meal to make for my family,” one working-mother panelist said.