Express 5-PHM, a modified-live virus respiratory vaccine that includes protection against Pasteurella haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida, is now available from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. The vaccine also protects against IBR, BVD Types 1 & 2, PI3 and BRSV.

Express 5-PHM is available in 10-dose and 50-dose sizes. A 2-ml dose, followed by a 2-ml booster for the BRSV and Pasteurella fractions is the recommended individual treatment for beef and dairy calves. Call 816/236-2763.
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Feed Bunk

The 10-ft. horse feed bunk from Behlen Livestock Equipment features a one-piece, all poly, 10-in.-deep feed trough with rounded inside corners for easy cleaning. Stands 35 in. high with a 12.5-cu.-ft. capacity. Call 402/564-3111.
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Build A Gate

Simplify your next gate building project with SturdyGate hardware from Modern Farm. Using 2×4 lumber, follow the simple assembly instructions for a perfectly fit, hinged gate in about an hour. All brackets (including welded hinges) and assembly screws are provided. CallCall 307/587-5515.
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Johne's Disease Testing Kit

Antel BioSystems offers Johne's disease testing services. Using advanced technology and a genetic sequence specific to Johne's disease detection, the company's researchers developed a procedure that can provide producers with initial tests results in as little as 72 hours. A sample collection and shipping system was developed to make the testing process hassle free. The system contains a kit with all the supplies necessary to collect fecal or blood samples and ship them to the testing center. Call 800/631-3510.
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Fly Larvicide

Biospherics Inc.'s FlyCracker is a larvicide proven to be 100% effective against house and stable fly larvae. The completely biodegradable product does not harm animals or humans and will not cause insect resistance. It can be used in feedlots, cattle barns and horse stalls. If fly infestation already exists, use a knockdown pesticide along with the first application of larvicide. It can be used up until the time of slaughter and requires no withdrawal period. Available in 50 lb. bags. Call 877/359-2466.
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Tractor Line

The Century line of tractors from American Jawa are designed for small acreage farming. Powered by Yanmar and Mitsubishi engines, all models have fully synchronized, 12-speed shuttle transmission and 540/1000 rpm live PTO with easy maneuverability and short-turning radius. The low-step platform with side-mounted levers adds to driving comfort. Call 517/687-6345.
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Livestock ID

Agri-ID's livestock identification is built to withstand years of use and is reusable. Specially designed angles use the animals natural bone structure to keep it in place. Four 1.5-in. × 3-in. ID areas with plexiglass windows are available for entering a name or number. Automatic safety release buckle prevents harm to animal. Available in four highly visible colors. Call 800/544-1239.
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Horn Fly Web Site

Starbar has launched a Web site to educate beef and dairy producers on how horn flies affect the economics of their livestock operations. For more information visit . Call 414/224-0210 ext. 245.
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