The July issue article “Hamburger Society” was an excellent article; it may be perhaps the most dynamic article printed in the last few years. If author Bill Helming is right, and I feel he is, the beef cattle industry is in for dramatic change. We will change the way we genetically design cattle, health protocols, nutrition programs, and processing of the end product in the packing plant. This is an article everyone in food animal production should read and read again!
C.J. Oakwood
Oakwood, IL

Map junkie

I am a self-avowed map junkie so when I saw the cow density map published in the July BEEF magazine, I studied it with great interest. We have restated the North Dakota cow population based on cows per 1,000 acres within each respective county instead of total cows per county. The latter gives a distorted picture of the density of beef as counties vary greatly in area.
Vern Anderson, PhD, PAS
North Dakota State University
Carrington, ND