The beef checkoff’s nutrition communications program helps motivate health professionals to recommend beef because they recognize that Americans need to eat beef and can eat beef every day to live strong and be strong. The program provides nutrition leaders with the reasons to believe in beef’s contribution to improving health since nearly half of Americans say they are trying to consume more protein, and more than three-quarters of Americans reportedly change the types of food and/or food components to improve the healthfulness of their diet.

That’s why each fall, your beef checkoff attends the American Dietetic Association’s (ADA) annual meeting – the world's largest meeting of food and nutrition experts — where more than 6,000 registered dietitians, nutrition science researchers, policy makers, health-care providers and industry leaders address key issues affecting the health of all Americans. This year’s annual Food Nutrition Conference Expo (FNCE) featured more than 100 research and educational presentations, lectures, debates, panel discussions and culinary demonstrations. More than 350 exhibitors, including your beef checkoff, showcased healthy foods and nutrition education materials.

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