As is the American way, grillmasters will cook up pound after pound of juicy burgers, hotdogs, steaks and shish kabobs this summer. But, before you dig in, you’ll have to wade through incessant claims that meat may be linked to health problems, including cancer. But, don’t fret: Food scares for omnivores don’t have a lot of, well, meat, on their bones.

In May, coinciding with World Vegetarian Week, the UK-based World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) released a report claiming that meat, especially red meat and processed meat, is linked to a higher risk of some cancers.

This isn’t the first WCRF report making a claim like this. The group released similar warnings in 2007, but that report came under withering fire from expert reviewers.

Among other things, scientists found that the WCRF inflated red meat-related cancer risks by a factor of seven. The report employed criteria that were “inconsistent” with “established scientific guidelines.” It omitted 13 studies involving 1.6 million people, and 11 of those studies found no significant association between cancer and red meat consumption.

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