With mounting snow and spells of subzero temperatures, this winter in North Dakota is reminiscent of last year. For ranchers, though, there is one big difference - feed is plentiful.

"Last year there was a lot of hay trapped out there and (ranchers) suffered for it, but this year I think most of the cattle guys got their hay stacked," said John Dhuyvetter, livestock specialist with the North Central Research Extension Center south of Minot. "They learned their lesson."

An Agriculture Department report earlier this month said hay and forage supplies in the state were mostly adequate, and the condition of the state's cattle was mostly good or excellent.

"Things are not quite as bad as last year. The roads and highways are better," said Larry Widdel, who ranches near Sawyer in north central North Dakota. "But there's still plenty of snow around, and when it blows you have to start moving it all over."

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