Gov. Brian Schweitzer will address the conservative-leaning Montana Stockgrowers Association, which offered the Democrat its keynote convention speech in Billings as a peace offering several weeks ago.

The Stockgrowers had been at loggerheads with Schweitzer over livestock issues since his 2004 election.

“We’re obviously pleased that the governor has accepted our invitation,” said Errol Rice, Stockgrowers vice president.

The speech will be at noon Dec. 11 at the Crowne Plaza. The group’s 125th annual meeting begins Dec. 10 and runs through Saturday.

The governor said Tuesday that he would discuss several challenges ranchers face, including low market prices, brucellosis management and sportsmen access issues. The latter two were sticking points between him and the Stockgrowers.

“I’m going to talk about the challenges and opportunities, and some of the challenges are opportunities in disguise,” Schweitzer said.

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