It’s not the casino gambling issue, but it is the issue that’s most near and dear to Madison County farmers.

Issue 2 is a creation of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, the Ohio Pork Producers Council and some other livestock and sportsmen’s organizations to regulate the care and treatment of farm animals in the state. It amends the Ohio Constitution to set standards for livestock and poultry care by establishing a 12-member board to make sure those standards are met.

The Ohio Livestock Care Care Standards Board will consist of 10 gubernatorial appointees and one appointee each from the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate. The state’s agriculture director will serve as chairman.

The board’s make up is defined in the ballot language. It will include three family farmers, two veterinarians (one being the state veterinarian), a representative of a local humane society, a food safety expert, two representatives of statewide farm organizations, the dean of an Ohio agricultural college and two consumer representatives. All members must be Ohio residents.

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