Washington, D.C., is deadlocked on the question of whether to raise the federal debt ceiling above $14.3 trillion by the Aug. 2 deadline set by the Obama administration. Proponents say we must act or the country will default on its loans and risk sending the economy into a tailspin. Opponents say spending is the issue and must be curtailed. This week’s poll question at beefmagazine.com is: “Should the U.S. raise its debt ceiling above the current $14.3 trillion?”

  • Yes. The future of the U.S. and world economy is at stake.
  • Yes. But only with significant spending cuts.
  • No. The country must live within its means.
  • Don’t know.

Meanwhile, last week’s poll question queried readers on whether Barack Obama merits a second, four-year term as U.S. President. With more than 600 votes, a resounding 90% answered “no,” while 8% said “yes,” and 1% “didn’t know.”

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