A third of Congress (147 members) urged USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack last week to withdraw the agency’s proposed GIPSA rule on livestock marketing. That question is at the center of this week’s online reader poll at beefmagazine.com. This week’s question is: What should USDA do with its GIPSA rule?

-Propose a revised rule
-Reopen the comment period once the economic analysis is released
-Go with what we’ve got
-Dump the whole thing
-Don’t know

By the way, 150 readers weighed in on last week’s online poll question – What’s the worst thing about being in the beef business? Of respondents, 2% cited calving season as being the toughest element, while 9% said winter, 28% thought it was government overreach, 40% said high fuel and feed prices, and 18% voted for “Nothing – I love it regardless of the challenges.”

Thanks for participating.