The CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) says his group is being unfairly portrayed by agricultural groups and the ag media. And Wayne Pacelle of HSUS says recent ballot initiative victories in California, Arizona and other states prove that the general public also wants better treatment of farm animals.

"And does agriculture want to continue to defend activities which regular Americans think are out of bounds and unacceptable," Pacelle says.

Pacelle also confirmed that Ohio is next on their list.

"I would say that we really hope to work with the agriculture sector to reach an accomadation," Pacelle says. "Each state has its own timeline and I can't remember when Ohio's clock starts ticking in a way where we must act. But we'll do it when we have to, and I think that's the principle in the other states as well."

Pacelle made his comments before a meeting of farm broadcasters in Washington, D.C.

To listen to Pacelle's comments in an audio podcast, link to Brownfield Network.