USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack made the right decision to allow sales of Roundup Ready (RR) alfalfa to continue.

There has been considerable angst and trepidation over the past 30 days after Vilsack said he wanted to forage a co-existence between the anti-biotech not-so-silent minority and conventional agriculture. It was an admirable goal to try to head-off lawsuits before they happen.

What Vilsack failed to realize is that lawsuits from the likes of the Center for Food Safety are money in the bank. Without lawsuits, they do not get money from foundations and the government. They do not care about the environment. They are strictly self-serving, arrogant extremists feeding at the government trough and feeding on tax dodging foundations. It was obvious shortly after Vilsack announced his plan that the anti-biotech crowd was not interested in compromise. They felt like Vilsack opened the door for them to make totally absurd demands. He slammed that door when he decided to deregulate RR alfalfa.

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