Pfizer Animal Genetics is now processing customer samples for Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), more commonly known as Curly Calf Syndrome.

“A significant amount of collaboration with various industry partners has brought us to the point where we are now able to provide a test for AM,” says Nigel Evans, vice president of animal genetics, a business unit of Pfizer Animal Health. “With the AM test now running, we can work with producers to help reduce the impact of this genetic defect.”

Samples are being tested in the order in which they are received at Pfizer Animal Genetics’ laboratory, though prioritization options may be available. The AM test is $29/head, with each animal tested for AM earning a $10 credit towards future GeneSTAR testing to be redeemed before June 1, 2009. One $10 credit will be issued for each animal tested, Pfizer says.

Samples can be submitted as hair follicles, blood FTA® cards, semen samples or whole-blood samples in purple-topped blood tubes. When submitting hair samples, producers should make sure that more than 25 hair follicles (with bulb) are included to ensure an adequate volume of DNA is available to complete the test.

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