USDA says U.S. beef (including variety meat) exports were 18% higher in volume and 29% higher in value during the first 11 months of 2007 compared with the same period of 2006. The U.S. exported a total of 707,184 metric tons (mt) of beef, valued at $2.4 billion. Mexico was the top destination with 330,195 mt of beef and beef variety meat for $1.091 billion, a 3% drop in volume but a 2% increase in value.

Exports to Canada soared 35% in volume (119,303 mt) and 38% in value to $545.02 million. Meanwhile, beef plus beef variety meat exports to the Middle East increased 10% to 88,156 mt ($101.95 million value), with the majority being livers to Egypt (79,247 mt, estimated at nearly 85% of exportable U.S. liver production). The United Arab Emirates is the leading market for U.S. beef muscle cuts in the Middle East, with exports increasing 58% to 2,645 mt.

U.S. beef (including variety meat) exports to Japan increased 282% in volume, 310% in value -- 43,502 mt, $227.32 million invalue. And although the market was only open intermittently from May through September, the U.S. exported 25,102 mt of beef and beef variety meat to South Korea, making it the fifth-largest market for U.S. beef producers.