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With a portable system, you can construct an effective barrier wherever you want for short term stock control. Portable fences are suitable for all types and sizes of animals and offers great flexibility and economy that is reusable year after year. This system can be used for creating additional pastures quickly and inexpensively. Portable fencing can also be used for rotational cell grazing.

The basics for a portable fence is reel, insulated hook, treadins, wire or tape, energizer and earth stake, or single reel lead connector.

Select your energizer after you’ve determined the distance and type of animals you want to control. Decide upon wire or tape. Tape is generally used where visibility is important, and Polywire or Turbo Wire is recommended where adverse weather conditions such as high winds exist.

For a single line fence, start by connecting the wire/tape to the insulated hook which is then attached to an anchor point. Carry the reel and sufficient treadins along the proposed fence line allowing the reel to unwind the wire/tape as you go.

Place a pigtail treadin or treadin post every 66 ft. and insert your wire/tape through the loop or lug. If the ground is undulating, place your treadins closer. Where several blocks are needed in one paddock or if the ground is too hard for treadins, Tumblewheels are an ideal solution. Tumblewheels are spaced across the paddock and held upright with the tension of the single line fence passing through the center. When one or both ends of the fence is moved, the wheels roll along.

At the end of the fence, hook the reel on to the anchor fence, locate the reel rachet and tighten the wire/tape making sure not to over-tighten.

Connect to the energizer using an earth stake or you can connect to an adjacent electric fence using a single reel lead connector.

Make sure when you remove the fence, untie the wire/tape from the insulated hook to avoid snagging objects as you reel the wire/tape in and and do not wind PolyWire through the treadin loops as this can damage the treadins and PolyWire.