The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline increased for the third straight week (week ending Jan. 19), adding 6.3¢ to $1.847/gal. Meanwhile, the average retail diesel price dropped 1.8¢ to $2.296, 97.4¢ lower than at this time last year.

The average gasoline price is $1.17/gal. lower than this time last year, but all regions reported increases for the week. The East Coast was up 6¢ to $1.81, the Midwest 5.1¢ to $1.874, the Gulf Coast 8.4¢ to $1.729, the Rocky Mountains 4.4¢ to $1.607, and the West Coast 7.5¢ to $2.029. California rose 7.6¢ to $2.064.

Diesel was down at retail in all regions but the Rocky Mountains, which rose 1.4¢ to $2.249. Otherwise, the East Coast shaved 1.8¢ to $2.377, the Midwest 2.5¢ to $2.264, the Gulf Coast 1.7¢ to $2.227, and the West Coast was down 1.5¢ to $2.338/gal. California fell by 1.5¢ to $2.319, $1.041 below last year.