Government estimates on U.S. pasture and range conditions for the week ending July 22 indicate a slight deterioration compared to the prior week. Overall, in 48 states for the week ending July 22, USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service (NAAS) reports that 26% of U.S. pasture and rangeland was graded as Very Poor, while 29% were regarded as Poor, and 27% as Fair. Pasture and rangeland categorized as Good and Excellent were 16% and 2%, respectively.

Last week, NAAS has reported that 24% of acreage was categorized as Very Poor, 30% as Poor, 28% as Fair and 16% as Good, with 2% as Excellent. The week prior to that, the numbers were 17%, 26%, 32%, 22% and 3%, respectively.

A year ago, those percentages were 18%, 15%, 23%, 35% and 9%, respectively.

Missouri fared the worst for the week with 74% of range and pasture in Very Poor condition, followed by Illinois at 64%, Arkansas at 60%, and Indiana at 57%. Florida ranks in the best condition with 15% of its pasture and rangeland in Excellent condition, 50% in Good condition, 30% in Fair condtion, and no acreage rating as Poor or Very Poor. Mississippi pasture and rangeland also ranked well, with 14% cited as being in Excellent condition, 49% in Good condition, 30% in Fair condition and 14% ranked as Poor.

Corn conditions from selected states for the week ending July 22 can be seen below.