Participating in a value-added verification program is extra work, extra record keeping and extra management, but it also results in extra dollars in your pocket, says a survey of 100 sale barn operators across the country.

Sale barn operators ranked increased sales price as the top benefit to participating in certified health-, age- and source-verification programs, closely followed by the potential of attracting new buyers. The survey was conducted by the Livestock Marketing Association and Global Animal Management.

Three-fourths of the market operators surveyed said exposure to these types of certification programs is important to compete for future beef markets; and 65% expect to see an increase in the number of cattle they sell that are enrolled in such programs. More than half currently sell cattle enrolled in these types of programs.

The survey found that sale barn operators reporting premiums have seen average increases of up to $5.37/cwt. for cattle with age and source verification, plus third-party health certification.
-- Burt Rutherford