This week, the environmental activist group Greenpeace delivered 1 million signatures petitioning the European Commission to label all milk, meat and egg products derived from animals fed genetically modified crops, the International Herald Tribune reports. Under current European Union (EU) law, products such as ketchup, cooking oil and cake mix must be labeled if the ingredients include 0.9% or more genetically modified organisms (GMO). However, food from animals raised on biotech feed doesn't need to be labeled.

Greenpeace claims up to 30% of an animal's diet contains GMOs, and 90% of genetically modified crops imported into the EU are soy and corn destined for animal feed. Meanwhile, industry believes the GMO restriction isn't scientifically based, a position supported by the World Trade Organization, which last year declared the EU's 1998-2004 ban on GMOs as illegal, and a trade barrier.

-- Alaina Burt