The checkoff-funded Beef Innovations Group (BIG) has launched five new beef cuts as a result of extensive chuck roll optimization efforts. The cuts and their attributes include:

  • The Delmonico Steak (Chuck Eye Steak) -- extremely tender and juicy; exceptional beef flavor and taste similar to a ribeye.
  • The Denver Cut -- Tender, flavorful, versatile; the fourth most tender muscle; perfectly marbled for a restaurant-quality steak experience.
  • America's Beef Roast -- Great beef flavor; dry roast application; an impressive roast that is affordable and simple to prepare.
  • Boneless Country-Style Beef Chuck Ribs -- Flavorful, juicy, meaty and tender; these meaty boneless ribs are extremely convenient and perfect for backyard cookouts.
  • Country-Style Beef Roast -- Fully-cooked; a premium, flavorful roast that is perfect for time-challenged families; great with barbecue sauce.
Mark Pendleton, a Lawsonville, NC stocker operator and vice chair of the Joint New Product & Culinary Initiatives Committee, says expanding the chuck cuts line is among the checkoff-funded tools aimed at reaching the industry's Long Range Plan goal to increase beef demand another 10% by 2010.

"Not only are the new cuts ideal for consumers, but good news for producers. Cattle-Fax estimates that the first group of value cuts, led by the Flat Iron and the Petite Tender, added $50-$60/head to the value of the chuck, so we know from experience how popular products can affect our bottom line," he says.

BIG is a team of culinary professionals, food scientists, marketing, operations and research experts working together to inspire beef and veal product innovation and facilitate success by providing information, insights, ideas, science and tools to the beef industry. Visit for cutting guides, cooking applications and sell sheets.
-- Cattlemen's Beef Board news release