Organizational days in the U.S. Army are usually filled with sporting events and food for the soldiers, but for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, known as the Bulldog Brigade, it was just the beginning.

The event had numerous sponsors who wanted to say thanks and provide entertainment and fun for soldiers and their families. However, the main attraction was a program called Steaks for Troops, headlined by the All American Beef Battalion (AABB), which cooked more than 5,300 steaks for the soldiers and families of the Bulldog Brigade.

AABB came to Fort Bliss, TX, from Kansas with 15 vehicles and six monstrous grills built on trailer frames.

“This was just a thank you from all the grateful American agriculturalists who support everything young men and women who make the real sacrifices to protect this nation’s freedom,” said Bill Broadie, the founding member of AABB and a Vietnam War veteran, whose desire is to feed every service member and their spouse a steak. “The best way I can show my appreciation is to serve the troops that have and continue to serve this great nation.”

Partnering with AABB, Creekstone Farms donated the 5,300 steaks to be fed to the Bulldog family.

“When we got word of this event from AABB, we were all in and ready to help however possible,” said Jim Rogers, Creekstone Farms’ marketing director. “From the 700 employees at Creekstone Farms, we hope you liked the steaks and we wish the Bulldogs the best of luck on their upcoming deployment.”

In addition, many other organizations donated their time and energy to making the event – a day filled with food, fun and competition – a successful one.

Editor’s note: For more on the AABB, read BEEF Senior Associate Editor Jamie May’s article, “Beef Battalion Serves Up Steaks.”

--Spc. Victor R. Everhart, Jr., 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division