A stolen refrigerated trailer loaded with ground beef products, some of which tested positive for E. coli bacteria, has been found but 14,800 lbs. of product is still missing ("Tractor-Trailer Full Of Recalled Ground Beef Stolen," Dec. 4 BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly). Landlinemag.com reports a joint effort is underway by USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Dallas (TX) Environmental and Health Services Department to try to recover the missing products, which reports say has been shopped around by an individual to Dallas residents and area restaurants. More than 80% of the product is still unaccounted for.

Agi Schafer, American Fresh Foods spokeswoman, told Landlinemag.com that the company's focus is on protecting consumers who may have been "persuaded to buy beef products under questionable circumstances." Schafer said a portion of the ground beef products in the trailer was "segregated" after low levels of E. coli contamination were detected in some of it. The other products in the trailer were close to their expiration date.